This workbook is designed as the next step for those who have read “Stop Decorating the Fish” and are ready to begin their journey of finding effective solutions. All organizations, regardless of size or status, face challenges and often find themselves in a vicious cycle of “fish decorating.” They expend significant time and resources on actions that give the illusion of progress but do not address the core issue. Does this sound familiar? This guide is for you.

Authors Kristen Cox and Yisahi Ashlag will walk you through 10 indicators that will help determine if you are decorating the fish. Learn how to identify the Seductive 7:

1. More money
2. More technology
3. More reorganization
4. More training and communication
5. More data
6. More accountability and assigning blame
7. More strategic planning

With guidance on how to determine the proper course of action, you will finish this workbook feeling prepared to take on your organization’s challenges and achieve breakthrough results.



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