How can you tell the difference between real progress and the illusion of progress?

Introduction to the Seductive Seven by Kristen cox

The Seductive Seven in Supply Chains

Think Big. Act Small.

The Seductive Seven

Stop Decorating the Fish highlights common and ineffective tactics organizations often use when responding to problems. We refer to these actions as the Seductive 7. We deliberately chose the word seductive. The things that often seduce us away from focusing on the core problem are shiny, alluring, and ubiquitous. They often promise an easy fix or immediate gratification while the real problem isn’t quite as obvious. They are as follows:

1. More Technology

2. More Data

3. More  Strategy

4. More training & Communication

4. More training and Communication

5. More reorganization

6. More accountability & assigning blame

7. More money

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The Fulcrum is an open online community that helps participants achieve real progress and avoid the illusion of progress.

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